16 February 2017

Exhibition "Solar System"

We have already finished the exhibition on the "Solar System". To say that the groups have worked well, both in terms of support materials and the quality of oral content. The phrases have been well structured, the "speech" was sufficiently fluid and pronunciation was correct. Congratulations!

El grupo de  Joel, Sophia ,Carmen y Ana,, de 5º de Primaria durante su exposición.
We are on track with the new project "Animal Kingdom", we expect to showcase this as soon as the  materials are ready to support the exhibition.

They have also collected all the written works on "Solar System" in other courses, excelling especially those made in the First Cycle, whose colourful work and dedication in the performance have been very good, so we must also congratulate them on this. We hope that the next to-do is at least equal level and therefore continue to perform with graphics classwork to encourage creativity and promote meaningful learning..