17 February 2017

Ipad Apps to learn English at an early stage

Within the curriculum development, our current system structures digital competence as one of the core areas of learning. It's not enough to use ICT tools as a resource in our classes. We are required as teachers to develop this competence in our students. Levels of Ed. Infantil is a very basic task that can start with the management of mobile devices. Here we recommend some apps that are interesting for the early onset of a second language.

16 February 2017


This poster is very useful when establishing a clear classification of the animal kingdom. There are many others that you can see in the images of your web browser if you click on the image below.

Animal kingdom classification poster

Animal Kingdom

We have already started at all levels of  Primary Ed. the topic "Animal Kingdom", which will run until early March. We have already discussed much of the documentary "Jungles" of the BBC series "Planet Earth II", which we highly recommend . It's in simple English with a few indications and the support of the images can be easily understood. Once the language used has been reviewed, we will watch it again, but this time focused on the written part through worksheets. Locution documentary is presented by David Attenborough. After the first season, "Planet Earth II" nullifies the saying "sequels are never as good as the first one".

Exhibition "Solar System"

We have already finished the exhibition on the "Solar System". To say that the groups have worked well, both in terms of support materials and the quality of oral content. The phrases have been well structured, the "speech" was sufficiently fluid and pronunciation was correct. Congratulations!

El grupo de  Joel, Sophia ,Carmen y Ana,, de 5º de Primaria durante su exposición.
We are on track with the new project "Animal Kingdom", we expect to showcase this as soon as the  materials are ready to support the exhibition.

They have also collected all the written works on "Solar System" in other courses, excelling especially those made in the First Cycle, whose colourful work and dedication in the performance have been very good, so we must also congratulate them on this. We hope that the next to-do is at least equal level and therefore continue to perform with graphics classwork to encourage creativity and promote meaningful learning..

15 February 2017

Breathe, Think, Do

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/breathe-think-do-with-sesame/id721853597?mt=8"Breathe, Think, Do" is an application for IOS and Android that will help our children to learn how to manage emotions while helping a character to calm down and overcome the daily challenges. It helps children to practice deep breathing to calm down. "Breathe, Think and Do with Sesame" is designed for parents to use with their young children (2-5 years old). This application is part of the " Little children, big challenges Sesame Street" that provides the tools to help children develop skills of emotional strength and overcome the daily challenges, stressful situations and transitions. It is a free and complete application and can be used in English or Spanish. You can also download a template with three actions.

14 February 2017

Good page for Science

This time we  recommend this website for being a very useful complement to "Science" and a good resource for any level in general, from kindergarten to high school. It contains games, activities and articles on mathematics, geography, science or grammar. It is very well organized and has excellent schemes, graphics and a well-kept typography.

13 February 2017

Bilingual walk in Mateos Gago

If you want to learn an extensive and very useful about food, cooking and restaurants vocabulary, uses every day you go down the street Mateos Gago way to school to look out on the tablets of restaurants and bars. If you spend very often, you learn every day a few foods, or a few ingredients, or the form of cooked (roasted, scrambled, fried, grilled, ...). On the way you will learn what is the local cuisine and the cuisine is done in our restaurants. Note especially how to translate typical dishes here that do not exist in English. 

You'd be surprised the amount of material that accumulates in these little boards!

12 February 2017

Comparison of planets and stars

Given how much we liked this video in the primary grades of our center, the embedding of here. Despite not being in English (it is in German) it gives a clear idea of ​​the place of our planet in the universe and shows the relativity of our views.

Witty and informative dimensions comparison of the known planets and other heavenly bodies. The soundtrack was composed by www.12tune.de . The animations created by www.ndrsbhm.de. 

First To Last: Earth Diameter:12,756 km Moon Diameter:3,476 km Mercury, 4,879 km Venus, 12,104 km Mars, 6,805 km Jupiter, 142,984 km Saturn, 120,536 km Titan, 5,150 km Saturnian Moon Ganymede, 5,262 km Jovian Moon Uranus, 51,118 km Neptune, 49,528 km Eris (Xena), Dwarf Planet Charon, Plutonian Moon Pluto, Dwarf Planet Charon, 1,207 km Pluto, 2,306 km Eris, 2,400 km Sun, 1,392,000 km Sirius, 1.8 Sun Diameter Blue Giant, 70 Sun Diameter Red Giant, 250 Sun Diameter Red Supergiant, 1,000 Sun Diameter

01 February 2017

Winnie and Wilbur

Winnie and Wilbur share all sorts of adventures together. Winnie loves Wilbur, her big black cat. She also loves her orange and yellow stripy tights, pumpkin soup, and waving her magic wand. Wilbur loves Winnie. He also loves broomstick rides with Winnie, cheesecake, and curling up in his basket.